Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Startings of a Blog

Well hello there. I decided to start a blog to update all those who are interested in keeping up with our African adventures, and who knows I might throw in some stories about other things as well. I thought it would be easier than sending out e-mail updates. This way you can stop by on your terms.

We are leaving May 24th and will return June 8th. I will try my best to keep this blog updated with prayer requests for our team and any other interesting updates. So stay tuned because I know that God is going to do some amazing things on this trip!

Also, I could not think of a catchy/creative name for the blog.  "Skypala Stories"... lame-o.  Any suggestions?  Please leave ideas in "comments" Thanks!    


  1. How bout the Brooke bliggidy blog? Sounds cool anyways...

  2. Hi Sweetie,
    I read your blog, it was amazing.. Interesting and informative. My plan was to pray daily, but if you want to assign a specific day for me to pray, that would be fine too. I like Gabe's tall tales for the title of your blog. I thought you had one more group meeting next week. The best plan so far is for me to drive out with the puppies, on Sat. 5/16 and Doug will fly after his soul purpose group work is done. That way we could be there for your last group meeting on Sunday, and drive back home on Monday... How does that sound to you?
    Hope you get this.
    Sending our love to you both,

  3. Brooke and Gabe:

    Claudia and I are looking forward to seeing you this coming weekend and learning more about your trip at the Sunday meeting ... we are looking forward to praying for you guys and your mission team then, and through out your time in Uganda and Kenya. You will be an incredible blessing and encouragement to every life you touch ... there ... and here!!!

  4. Brooke and Gabe,
    We are praying for your protection and for Gods provisions for you mentally, physically and spiritually. We pray you are experiencing life changing miracles daily in your time in Uganda and Kenya. We love you both,
    Mom and Dad