Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Months!

Only 2 months left before he is a whole year old, I can't believe it!  This month has been fun.  We have been seeing a little more of his personality come out and he is becoming a more vocal but most everything is "da."  "Michael, look at the light." "Da." Michael, it's Jared." "Da." "No, Jared" "Da." And that's pretty much how our conversations go.  There are not a whole lot of milestones this month but we did go to Arizona this month where Michael met lots of family for the first time (more details in a post about our trip.)  Here are some other 10 month details:

  • He officially weighs 22lbs according to the Dr.'s scale.
  • He is talking more and making more sounds.  He makes a monkey and cow sound, he says, "ba" for ball, "buppy" for puppy, "bababa" for Bumpa (grandpa's name), dadda, momma, bye bye.
  • His top teeth still have not come in.
  • He is standing more on his own and I think he may have taken one step today.  It was kind of a step, but we won't count it as his official first steps because daddy wasn't there and he was kind of falling into my arms when it happened.
  • He liked swimming with Bumpa in the pools in Arizona.  He did not like being splashed, but he did like doing the splashing.  
And that's all I can think of.  He is a great joy and all his family loves him!  Happy 10 months Mr. Sugar Face!


And he found the sign...