Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prayer Needed

We had our second to last meeting for our trip to Africa last Sunday where we learned that even more has been added to our itinerary.  Jolena Watson is the mastermind behind this trip, and she has teamed up with 3 trusted ministries in Africa: Wells of Hope, Christian Mission Aid (CMA), and REM Kenya in which we will be serving.  Our goal and theme of the trip is to bring HOPE to those who have very little.  Through these ministries we will be serving prisoners, orphans, victims of AIDS, students, government officials, and whoever else we happen to come across on our journey.  Here is a very rough draft of our itinerary. (There will be an updated itinerary soon and I will post that on the blog.)  

May 23: travel to Africa from Amarillo

May 24-29 (Uganda): Prison ministry (Gabe will be teaching at the juvenile prison where there may be a crowd of 2500!), visits to orphanages, neighborhood outreach. We will be providing food, bibles and hygiene products to the prisoners, and families of prisoners.

May 30: travel to Nyanza - Rongo

May 31-June 1 (Nyanza - Rongo): AIDS ministry, home visits, food ministry 

June 2: Travel to Massailand

June 3 (Massailand): Well dedication, 8 government officials will be attending and Jolena will be teaching.  This will be a day of celebration!

June 4-6 (Mitumba slums): Our group will conduct the church service and a seminars to adults one day and children at the school the next day. We will make orphanage visits and will be conducting manual labor wherever needed.  We have been given permission to show a movie called "The Hope" where anyone from the village can attend.  This is considered pretty dangerous because usually nothing good happens in the slums after dark, but they have given us permission.  There will be police in attendance and we will be serving popcorn and tea.  This could be a really great opportunity to get a message to the whole community!  

June 7th - adventure day (Jolena has a surprise for us this day, I'm thinking it might involve animals...)

June 8th - travel home

 There is no doubt that a lot of prayer is going to be necessary to guide and protect us on this trip.  Some of you have already committed to pray for us and we are extremely grateful!  What we would like to do is find people to pray and possibly fast for us on specific days on our trip. If you would like to commit to a day of focused prayer for us, then please leave your name in the comments.  If there is a specific day that you prefer then specify which day, otherwise I will just assign you a day.  Thank you for all of your love and support! 

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