Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Detailed Itinerary

Here is a more detailed itinerary. Created by Jolena Watson:


Place :

Pray for us:

Gifts: We have already received most of funds for all the gifts thanks to all the generous givers !!

Prayer partner:

May 23

Depart Amarillo – 1:05 pm

Travel and baggage- 22 hours !

May 24

Arrive in Uganda - 8:15 pm

Drivers to be in place . Waiting and ready to receive us - they will be coming all the from Kenya

May 25

Orphanage and neighborhood outreach

Minister to broken young lives

Food , hygiene items

May 26

Kirinya, Jinja womens & remand -three different prisons -hundreds of prisoners!

Speak powerful words that breakthrough veils and doubt , words of prophecy for them

Bibles , food & hygiene items

May 27

Orphanage and neighborhoood outreach

Serve the grandmother leader and minister to young broken lives

Food , hygiene items

May 28

Luzira condemned men & women prison & deathrow --------Juvenile prison . Four different prisons with hundreds and hundreds ....

Speak words of real HOPE , forgiveness and purpose . Strength & words of prophecy

Bibles , food , hygiene items

May 29

Wells of Hope office( organization we are working with )

Ministering to the ministry team (25).

Christian books

Rongo , Kenya

May 30

Travel across Uganda to Rongo -12 hrs.?

Minister to the stranger* and travel

Gifts ???

May 31

** Church service , home visits & video

Strengthen , comfort & encourage.

To pray healing , deliverance , joy and purpose for them

Food , mattresses, Bibles

June 1

Home visits , seminar and , video

Outreach to entire community – unity

Food & Bibles

June 2

Travel to Nairobi – 8 hours ??

Rest , unity , joy , wonder , renewal

June 3

Massailands – ***Water well dedication !!!!

Water well to blow ! Tribes to receive Jesus as Lord – favor with leadership

Food & Bibles & WATER

June 4

Mitumba Slums – Nairobi , Kenya

Children's seminar

To present the Savior in an exciting and purposeful way to children

Food , tracks , crafts

June 5

Church seminar and the ****first ever Mitumba community outreach with a night movie outreach .

Empowering words and actions – we are discipling the very broken and very thrown away by society . At dark we need your prayers for opened ears and safty

Food, Bibles , tracts

June 6

Sinai Slum- newly evangelised slum in Nairobi

Mitumba Bible Cub for youth & orphanage -play at park time & dinner

Prayer walk

Outreach to youth in the slums and precious play time with the orphans


Food ,beds, mattresses,sheet

June 7

Church, Sight seeing and departure at 11:45pm

Kristin will be staying behind to begin her volunteer time in Mitumba

Travel safety and rest on the way home –

Pray for her as this will be a testing time


* We believe the Holy Spirit has given us knowledge that there will be a time of encountering a stranger on the road to minister to.

**This is the AIDS area – we will be given the entire Church service time to minister and then we are going to the homes of the widows and orphans that have been kicked out of the community for following the ways of God . Also getting to show a video at night to reach out to them all in this area . Video in the wilderness on a sheet!!

*** The water well should be ready and hopefully blow water the day we arrive – this is to be a celebration day with over 250 tribe members and 8 government officials attending

**** Video outreach to Mitumba – we have hired government security to provide a safty needed to be out after dark in the slums – this is very risky ground we will be on and requiring much prayer please!

Thank you for your prayers!

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  1. Good Morning from Plano, TX and good afternoon to Brooke and Gabe and Jerrod and Sara, and Jolina, and Luke, and the entire team in Kirinia and Jinja! I am praying for your bold words of God's wisdom and encouragement as you visit prisons in the area. I pray for your safety and health always, and good rest later tonight that you will all be physically rested and able for the next day's service. God's blessings on all of you ... you are missed and you are loved!