Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Great Getaway!

Gabe and I got to go with some friends to the coolest cabin I have ever been to up in the mountains of Colorado Springs. We caravanned with Canyon, Kaki, and their little Claire-bear who is 8 months to Colorado where we stayed at the "Wood O' Pines" cabin. The cabin belongs to a good family friend of theirs and Kaki has been going there since she was a little kid. There was zip-lining, four-wheeling, book reading, marshmallow roasting, wine drinking, fire making, hiking, fishing, canoeing, sight-seeing, conversing and just plain having funning! Now we all want to buy a cabin in the mountains! Maybe one day... One can dream... Here are some highlights of the trip:






Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Months!

Michael is 3 months old! Everyone says that it goes by fast and now I believe them! He has been such a great baby!

Here are some Michael 3 month facts:
  • He likes his naps and his milk and is fussy when he is needing either, but other than that he is usually in great spirits.
  • He likes to smile.
  • His favorite word is "agoo."
  • He has began to bat his toys with his hands.
  • He is sleeping pretty consistently from 12am-4:30, 5-8, and sometimes 8-10. Then he takes naps about every 2-3 hours during the day.
  • He is holding his head up like a champ.
  • I think that now he knows that his hands are attached to his body, but sometimes looks at them and his expression seems to say, "where did those come from?"
It is amazing how much babies change so much in their first year. I wake up every morning thinking, "what new thing will Michael do today?" And every day I thank God that I get to be his mom and take care of this precious gift!

Happy 3 months Mr. Michael!

Girls + 1 Boy Weekend

Last weekend, the boys went camping in the beautiful mountains of Colorado which meant girls weekend at home! Poor Michael was stuck in Amarillo with the girls. He was a little to young to head off with the boys just yet. So, while the guys were looking at this...

The girls were looking at this...

We decided to have a yard sale and I can't say that it was a success in monetary terms, but it was fun to hang out with some of my favorite gals. My neighbor and good friend Megan hosted the event, and Sarah spent the night at our house all weekend, so we would mosey on over in the morning help with the sale. The 3 of us plus Megan's 2 girls, and Michael spent the whole weekend together and named ourselves the "sister wives." We ran errands, helped with the kids, made fruity drinks, ate pizza, gave each other facial masks and foot rubs, and we laughed a lot! It felt like I was back in the college dorms again except add kids, more comfortable beds, and better overall living conditions, so maybe it wasn't really like the dorms at all, but it was fun!

The Sister Wives!

Poor Michael was a victim of girls weekend. While I was in the shower, this is what happened to him...

It was a fun weekend and we were actually a little sad when the guys said they were coming home a day early. Maybe our next move will be to a bigger house so we can really live together as sister wives. That wouldn't be too weird, would it?

Gotta go do manly stuff with Michael so he won't be too scarred from girls weekend :-)...