Monday, June 27, 2011

The Incredible Growing Boy!

I can't believe Michael is already 2 months old and he is getting so big!
I guess we should have expected him to be a big baby, but it seems like he is growing way too fast! He was supposed to be at his birth weight (8 lbs., 3 oz.) by his 2 week appointment, but when he got on the scale he weighed in at 10 lbs. 4 oz.! Then for his month appointment he weighed in at 12 lbs. 3 oz.! I almost cried. This growing boy is averaging a pound a week! His 2 month appointment is in a couple weeks and I'm kind of scared to see what the scale will reveal! I am thankful though that he is a healthy boy and that he likes his milk!

Here are some pics of the growing boy:

About to go home from the hospital.

Future Basketball Star!

Swinging Away (1.5 weeks)

Swingin' at 8 weeks

Looking cute in his daddy's arms.

Reading the Kindle before bed (2 weeks)

"Zero Emissions" -yeah right! (4 weeks)

Getting ready for hunting (8wks)

Sittin' tall in his bumbo (8wks)

I improved my signage a little bit. :-)

Gotta go... gotta watch a baby grow!

It's Been A While!

It has been a while since I've posted and a few things have happened since the last entry. One being, we had a baby! This is the main reason I am starting to blog again. After getting several weekly requests for pictures of our little (but quickly growing) little guy, I figured it would be easier to post pics here so if you want to stay updated you can. I am not promising cool graphics and designs because I am not so knowledgable in that area. I am only hoping to get in a few updates between naps and such. So feel free to drop in and see what is happening in the world of Skypala whenever you feel like it. We aren't too exciting, but we sure do have a cute baby :-) So welcome to the world our sweet bundle of joy:

Mr. Michael Justus Skypala
Born April 30th, 2011 9:37am
8 pounds, 3 ounces
21 1/2 inches

(Photo taken by our sweet friend Lezlie Andrew. She's awesome. Check out her blog:

It has been quite a journey for us in waiting for Mr. Michael to get here. I had an ectopic pregnancy back in 2007 (when we were not trying to get pregnant) and this took out one of my fallopian tubes making only one functional. This made it a little more difficult to get pregnant so after 2 years of praying, hoping, crying, and trying we were surprised by a positive pregnancy test! Nine months later we were blessed with this little boy and I couldn't love him any more.

Here are some highlights of the journey so far...

In October we went to Arizona for my Grandad's 90th birthday, but we had a surprise to reveal as well. Gabe took a family photo and after a few, "say cheese" photos, he threw in "say Brooke is pregnant" You can see the reaction in these pics.

"Everyone say cheese"

"Everyone say Brooke is pregnant!"
(It took a second for the news to set in)

(Now we are getting a reaction)

Then in December the sex of the baby was revealed by cutting into a cake. Gabe and I didn't even know because we had the doctor put the sex in an envelope that we sealed (without peeking) and sent to my mom's friend Deanna who baked the cake. Blue for boy, pink for girl... what kind of cake will it be??

It's a Boy!!!

The Happy Family

We had 2 fabulous showers, one in Plano and one in Amarillo that helped us prepare for our little guys arrival. We were showered with so many gifts and much kindness! We are blessed with so much love and support and I am so grateful for all our sweet friends and family!

Plano Shower


Cute Decorations and Cupcakes (yum!)

High school friends (Katie (right) is expecting in August and Becca (left) had her baby in July)


Amarillo Shower


The Sweet Spread and Coolest Toy Chest Cake ever!


Silly Friends (1 real, 2 fakers- guess which ones are which)

Being pregnant was a joy...

But being a mom is even better...

I thank God every day for this precious gift! Thank you to everyone who has prayed, encouraged, and supported us on this journey. We love you lots!

Every good and perfect gift is from above! James 1:17

Gotta go... crying baby... more updates to come...