Monday, June 29, 2009

Grasshoppers Aren't Just for Hoppin'

This is one of the delectable delicacies we got to experience in Uganda...grasshoppers! You first pull off the legs and wings, then season and fry 'em up and have yourself a tasty treat. As we popped them into our mouths their eyeballs stared us down. The texture was what I had a hard time with, they were very... crunchy. Gabe described them as tasting like buttered popcorn, but not as good. I think they tasted like fried rice paper with nutty, earthy undertones. They would go well with a light Pinot Grigio :-) Our Wells of Hope friends kept telling us that they are considered a delicacy and are very expensive but... when we got to Kenya we told them we ate grasshoppers and they asked, "Why would you eat a bug?" Good question.

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