Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jack 1 Month

Here he is... a little late, but this is how things go with # 2.  Something about getting only a couple hours of sleep at a time and then spending the whole day entertaining a almost 2 year old... it has a way of draining the energy bank.  Even though I am exhausted, I'm pretty sure my love bank has never been more full.  I love being a mom of 2 precious boys.  Michael is adjusting so well.  Sure, he has his moments of jealousy,  but he is mostly happy to help and excited to see "what baby Jack is doin."  Jack is a sweet baby and seems pretty easy going so far.  He feeds about every 3 hours and knows his days and nights because after his day feedings he stays up for a bit and looks around with his big blue eyes, and at night he usually goes back to bed pretty quickly after his feedings.  We have had some fussy nights and I am amazed at what little sleep I can function on, but there is NO other reason for which I would give up this much sleep for.  And ooohhhh how I look forward to a solid 8 hours of sleep... maybe in 18 years ;-)  Until then, I will soak up all the good and be thankful for the 2 beautiful boys that I have the privilege of raising.

We sure love you Jack!

Jack 1 Month photo DSC00226_zps0ad734f6.jpg

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