Friday, April 6, 2012

11 Months!

It is the last month of Michael's first year of life.  It has been a great year.  Michael is such a fun little guy. This month Michael has become quite the talker.  We can't pick him up with out him pointing at everything and saying, "dat! dat! dat!"  He is very curious and wants to know the name for everything.  Sometimes he will pause before moving on to the next item and I can tell he is trying to think about how to say the word.  Sometimes he comes close, but mostly it comes out as "baba or dada."  Here are some other highlights from the month...

  • I don't have his updated stats.  Our scale is out of batteries and it takes one of those fancy batteries so I keep forgetting to get one when I go to the store.   But I can tell you that he is long and big!
  • He is still not walking but he has learned a how to scoot around on his knees pretty good.  We keep thinking he is going to walk any second now...
  • He is saying, "bye bye, hiiiiii (hi), nana (don't know what this one really means), momma, dadda, dat (that), uppa (up), bites (food),  bumpa (grandpa weiler's name), babba (this is a word for many things),  side (outside), onomatopoeia (j/k)"
  • He is still dancing but now he puts his hips into it.  It's a little more groovy.
  • He loves food and has a great appetite.  His favorites are avacados, cantelope, teething cookies, black beans, and meat.  I stopped nursing just a couple days ago because I just was not producing enough to satisfy this growing boy.  It was sad because it seems like just another reminder that he is growing up and going to be heading off to college soon (ok, not that soon, but it does go by pretty fast).  
  • He loves being outside.  He is already attracted to rocks and dirt.  Go figure.  
  • He wiggles out of everything.  I have to strap him in or he will figure a way out.  We put him in the stroller because we were getting ready to go for a walk and when we turned around he was crawling at our feet.  He had wiggled out of the bottom of the stroller.
  • He is a little timid about new textures and will look like he is going to touch something several times before he actually goes for it. 
  • He is a little shy in new surroundings.  He gets a little clingy when we are in new places, but at home or other familiar places like his grandparent's houses he is quite the explorer. 
  • He is very easy to put to bed.  He has been signally us when he is ready to sleep by crawling over and resting his head on us.  We can just put him in his crib with a soft blankey (that he now likes to rest his head on) and he will roll over and go to sleep. 
  • His schedule is bed by 8:30, awake at 7:30 (sometimes later), nap from 9:30-11 and nap from 2-3:30 with some variations.
I think that's about that!  We love you our sweet, noisy, silly little monkey face!  I got to go plan your 1st birthday party... I can't believe it!


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