Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Michael's first big trip was to Florida where we stayed for 2 whole weeks. He was 5 1/2 weeks old when we left and 7 1/2 weeks when we returned home. He was a great traveler and did so great of the airplane both ways. The sounds and motions of the airplane lulled him to sleep. When he got fussy I fed him, and then all was well with the world again. We went to Florida for Gabe's sister, Beth's, wedding where she married Chip Castle. It just so happened that they got married just a few miles from where Gabe and I got married (in Seaside) 6 years ago. In fact, we celebrated our 6 year anniversary on the trip. Beth and Chip make a great couple and I am very happy for them! After all the wedding festivities were over, Gabe and I stayed and waited for my parents, bother (Kevin), and sister-in-law (Kristen) to meet us in Florida. We were supposed to go on this trip last year, but the oil spills delayed our plans so it ended up working perfectly this year for us to go on an extended vacation in the gulf. Here are some pics from the fabulous beach vacation.

The Bridesmaids with Beth before the wedding

The wedding party with Mr. and Mrs. Castle!

The Skypala's and the newly married Castle's!

Auntie Beth!

Family pic after the wedding

Michael smiling (7weeks)

Uncle Kev and Aunt Kris

Out to dinner on our last night in Florida

Gabe teaching Michael to fly

We had a great time with everyone and we miss the beach! I can't wait to go back when Michael is a older and can enjoy the sand and waves a little more!

Gotta go take a bath and turn on the wave sound machine and pretend I am at the beach...

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